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18350 Citrus Drive (My new house) Start June 15 2006


Anna's Graduation 2007

Brasil 2010

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Anna & Mo (Oct 20 06)

Natal 2004 (Christmas)

This is the first time I see this, I don't think I will ever see it again.

Essa é a primeira vez que vejo isso no sul do Texas e não acredito que vou ver outra vez. :) :) :)

Yeap... that is snow on Christmas day (WHO??? said SOUTH TEXAS does not have white Christmas????)


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                                     Patricia, Anna Mariel, Serginho 1998                  Anna Mariel (4 Years Old)1998                Evan (3years Old)1986

(21 Jul 2001) Click na foto para uma ver-la grande (click on the pics to see full size)

Halloween 2002 St.Jopseph:

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Mariel, Patricia

Winc's Christmas Dinner, from left

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Anne's Bo, Anne, Gabriel's wife and Gabriel, Frank and wife, Patricia and Sergio

Christmas 2002 at home:

Vero, Anna, All,

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Our Tree. Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna & Blanca, Evan & Anna,

Christmas2k2_pv.JPG (511777 bytes)

Anna & Vero



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